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Titanthinwall 2020 Photo Contest Winners Announced

Titan’s first ever photo contest was a success with over 60 photo entries submitted. Most participants submitted on the Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook social media platforms, but some photos came in via email as well. Here’s a look at the top ‘most-liked’ photos. Prizes will be mailed out to the winners. Thank you everyone for […]

Titan Photo Contest Begins

Titan is launching a photo contest to capture Titan trailers out in the real world. Have a picture of your truck and trailer you’d like to share? Well, head to one our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to enter into our contest. Simply: 1) post a photo of your rig (truck and trailer), 2) […]

Titan’s First Mid-West Hopper is Revealed

Titan has built its first 96″ wide hopper unit suited for the mid-western U.S. market. “We’re very happy with this unit. The polished finish is 100% and this unit is outfitted with every option from bigger doors with two-speed gearboxes to vibrators and an electric tarp,” says Chris Kloepfer, Manager at Titan. The unit was […]

Polished B-Train Hoppers Have Arrived

The Titan team has pushed the limits again. Introducing Titan’s first set of polished b-train hoppers suited for the grain market. These units are are built with THINWALL panel which are polished prior to being welded on Titan’s robotic weld tables. “We’re still dialing in the polishing process, but we’re seeing good success with this […]

Titan’s Hoppers Go West

It all began in Ontario over 40 years ago on the Kloepfer home farm where Mike and his brothers first sketched out a hopper design on the shop floor. Fast forward to 2020, and you’ll see a design unrecognizable from the hoppers of years past. Today, Titan’s hoppers are made out of aluminum with patents […]


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