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Titan’s Hoppers Go West

It all began in Ontario over 40 years ago on the Kloepfer home farm where Mike and his brothers first sketched out a hopper design on the shop floor. Fast forward to 2020, and you’ll see a design unrecognizable from the hoppers of years past. Today, Titan’s hoppers are made out of aluminum with patents […]

Titan’s Polished Hopper Heading Out on Tour

This NEW polished 3-axle hopper is heads out on a North American tour starting in July. To book the hopper for the week, call the factory at 1-519-688-4826 or email us at info@titantrailers.com. Click here to view the spec sheet. The hopper is suited for the grain market and is outfitted with an electric tarp […]

Titan’s ParaMAX Suspension Offers Maximum Lift

With over 10 years of performance in heavy-duty logging, farming, and waste applications, Titan’s high-lift, self-steering ParaMAX suspension continues to keep Titan’s trailers going places. The unique parallelogram-inspired design delivers a maximum of 10.5″ of lift, a 25,000 lb load capacity, 30 degree steer radius, and independent lateral suspension. Titan began designing its own suspension […]

Titan’s Tridem Polished Hopper Makes Its Debut

May. 14, 2020   Titan is pleased to announce its next polished prototype trailer – the 3-axle hopper. Following behind the release of the polished prototype dump, the hopper is suited for the grain market and is outfitted with an electric tarp coming in at 5,574 kg or 12,289 lbs (5,728 kg or 12,628 lbs […]

Titan’s New Prototype Trailer Stands Out

Apr. 29, 2020 Titan is pleased to announce its latest prototype trailer. It is based on the existing aluminum THINWALL™ trailer body design with one VERY notable feature — its polished exterior. “We’re happy with how it turned out,” says Chris Kloepfer, Manager at Titan.  “It’s been a journey and we’re still working on this option […]


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