Titan’s ParaMAX Suspension Offers Maximum Lift

With over 10 years of performance in heavy-duty logging, farming, and waste applications, Titan’s high-lift, self-steering ParaMAX suspension continues to keep Titan’s trailers going places.

The unique parallelogram-inspired design delivers a maximum of 10.5″ of lift, a 25,000 lb load capacity, 30 degree steer radius, and independent lateral suspension.

Titan began designing its own suspension when it noticed many of its trailers were working in environments that needed more clearance.

The ParaMAX can be integrated with either a straight axle or self-steer axle offering high lift in either scenario.

ParaMAX suspensions come into play in most Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada, and New York trailer designs where lifting steers are used.

In some cases, Michigan trailer axle configurations use paraMAX suspensions with a straight lift option.

Here’s some of the reasons to consider Titan’s ParaMAX suspension.

1. High-Lift of up to a maximum of 10.5” with a range of 13.5” of total axle travel minimizes the chance of bottoming out, which reduces damage to axle, suspension, and trailer structure.

2. Self-Steer System keeps tire scrubbing to a minimum and reduces the need to lift axles during turning.

3. Straight Vertical Axle Lift/Travel ensures axle kingpins stay vertical throughout its entire range of suspension travel thereby increasing tire life.

4. Independent Lateral Suspension allows axles to vertically displace independently from left to right side thereby reducing stress on the axle, suspension, and trailer structure while travelling on uneven ground.

5. Parallelogram Inspired Design ensures top and bottom airbag plates stay parallel for longer airbag life as well as maintaining the desired axle geometry throughout the entire 13.5” of suspension travel.

6. 25,000 lb Load Capacity ensures steer suspensions have the carrying capacity for the job.

7. 30 Degree Steer Radius offers sharp turning radius to assist in increasing tire longevity by reducing tire scrub.

8. Low Impact Design reduces tire wear, maintenance costs, and stresses on the axle, suspension, and trailer components, all increasing the longevity of the trailer.

9. SPIF Compliant meeting all current Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly laws in Ontario.

10. 10 Years Proven in heavy-duty logging, farming, and waste applications gives you the confidence to choose Titan’s ParaMAX suspension system.


Titan ParaMAX Info Sheet – 2020