No matter what you’re hauling – waste, scrap metal, aggregates, grain or forestry products, and if you need a trailer that’s custom-built to do the job right, you need a Titan.

From industry leading THINWALL™ trailers that include KEITH® WALKING FLOOR®, end dump, tippers and hoppers to a full range of specialized trailers. Titan trailers are renowned for long lasting strength in the most demanding jobs.

But our biggest strength is custom-designing and building the right trailer to help your business drive for the bottom line.

titan trailers inc

"The Only Way To Change The Future Is To Invent It"

With this thought in mind, Mike Kloepfer set out to change the future of truck transportation. Combining his well-honed metal fabrication skills with a restless mind and uncompromising personal standards, Mike established Titan Trailers in his home town of Harley, Ontario, in 1973. In his mind, building and selling trailers would never be enough to call Titan a success. The goal has always been to find a better way to build, and a better way to solve problems for customers.

Today, Titan Trailers Inc. is known as a world-class innovation leader in the transportation industry, long recognized for job-specific functionality and attention to manufacturing detail. With the patented THINWALL™ extruded aluminum panel, Titan has made an indelible mark on the trailer industry; other manufacturers have developed their own extruded aluminum smoothside panel, but none have matched the original THINWALL™ trailer for strength, durability, load capacity and fuel efficiency.

Titan leadership is also reflected in the methods and technologies at work in Titan’s advanced manufacturing facilities. New “green” engineering concepts put Titan at the forefront of energy-efficiency and occupational health. Titan is building better trailers in a better environment for employees, promoting a better environment for everyone.

Mike Kloepfer and his growing team of custom designers and builders offer business-conscious truckers a complete line of trailers utilizing advanced design and manufacturing technologies. Titan's production plant includes complete facilities for aluminum and steel fabrication as well as extensive in-house computer modelling systems for trailer design and testing.

Want to change the future of your trucking business? Invent it! Work with Titan Trailers to custom build the trailer your business really needs. It's your best business choice.

Tire Management Program (Ontario)

Tires: Titan Trailers Inc. is working with Ryse Solutions Inc. to provide consumers with access to used tire collection sites across Ontario where used tires may be returned free of charge. A list of used tire collection sites can be found here.

Tires collected by Ryse Solutions on behalf of Titan Trailers Inc. are sent for reuse, recovery or recycling.

A full description of resource recovery activities can be found here and here.