Titan’s DDG SPECIAL Hopper Keeps You Moving

We know unloading some products can be tough.

As more operators are using hoppers to haul dried distillers grains (DDGs), shorts, meals and fertilizers, we see the challenges with unloading — particularly when humidity is high. 

Our ability to custom build has lead to five key design options that keep your hopper unloading no matter what you’re hauling.

Consider asking about these Titan hopper options to give you an edge when unloading:

  1. Custom Slope Angle Titan’s hoppers can be custom-built with steeper slope angles giving you an advantage when unloading.
  2. Kickups To keep the product from hanging up, kickups are an option that smoothens the transitions between slope surfaces and vertical surfaces to keep product moving.
  3. Steps Choose the number and placement of inner steps to reduce product hang-up.
  4. Lower Hopper Vibrators Choose add-on options such as vibrators to assist in unloading.  
  5. Larger Doors The benefits of larger doors pays off when unloading product over pits.  Standard 24” long by 28” wide doors can increase up to 42” long and 36” wide depending on your trailer configuration.

For more details about Titan’s custom features, contact your local Titan Dealer.