12 Features of the Titan Hopper You Need to Know

Titan's journey with the grain hopper started over 40 years ago at the Kloepfer home farm where Mike and his brothers sketched out their first

Titan’s journey with the grain hopper started over 40 years ago at the Kloepfer home farm where Mike and his brothers sketched out their first designs on the shop floor.
Fast forward to 2020 and you’ll see a design unrecognizable from the hoppers of years past.
Today, Titan’s hoppers are made out of aluminum with patents behind the hopper design and Titan’s foremost innovation–THINWALL.
Titan’s continuous improvements have yielded a rock-solid hopper that hauls all types of agricultural products from grain, fertilizer, pellets to dried distillers grains.
If you’re looking to put a new hopper in your fleet, take a look at these 12 features that put the Titan hopper on top.

 1. Custom-Built in Canada  Titan custom builds every hopper in South-Western Ontario with the axle arrangement you require for the states and provinces you travel.

2. THINWALL Unibody Design  Titan’s patented hollow-core extruded aluminum horizontal panel welded end-to-end and inside and out provides superior strength throughout the trailer.

3. Options, Options, Options  The ability to choose from a long list of options that range from the hopper slope angle to custom light and tire packages will have you outfitted with the right trailer for your business.

4. 100% Welded All Aluminum THINWALL Construction  The benefits of no corrosion between steel and aluminum, no painted surfaces to rust, and no rivets to come loose are why we build with THINWALL.

5. Titan ParaMAX Suspension  With up to 10” of lift on steer/lift axles, our ParaMAX suspension design eliminates bottoming out when going over scales or in and out of fields reducing the stress on the trailer.

6. Smooth Rivet-Free Hoppers  Our smooth interior hopper walls provide superior clean-out reducing load contamination and our rivet-free design prevents water entry into the load.

7. Vented Divider Walls  Our hopper design uses full-height vented THINWALL divider walls providing worry free unloading without untarping.

8. Integrated Arched Top Cross Members This feature integrates top cross members and tarp bows into a single clean, strong design.

9. All Aluminum Coupler with Stainless Steel Components   Titan exceeds the mark in using high quality components to minimize repair and maintenance costs.

10. Strength to Weight Advantage  Titan’s designers have set out to remove the most weight possible without sacrificing strength and durability resulting in a superior strength-to-weight ratio.

11. Clean Design  Titan’s enclosed front with storage and clean undercarriage design reduces mud/snow buildup while on the road.

12. Long Life  Titan’s industry leading strength-to-weight ratio combined with high-quality materials, components, and craftsmanship results in a trailer that is built to last.